Saturday, 11 July 2009

Tiny Pretty Things

Tiny Pretty Things is the shop lovingly stocked with goodies by Molly McCausland.

A fine art student by day, illustrator and cartoonist by night, she uses both digital and traditional means to create strange but cute characters. Tiny Pretty Things also contains Mini Art, the eco friendly tiny drawings on recycled and reclaimed packing card, so that you can boost your eco ego as well as indulging in something beautiful.

One thing you won't find in her shop though is The Inspiration Ninja, pictured below. That's because I bought it on Friday... sorry folks, it had to be done. It's mine! Mine I tell you! Mwahh haa haa haah haaaa... (ok I'll stop now!)

You can catch up with Molly on twitter or facebook, and you can also have an arty read on her blog.

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