Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Love, Light & Peas!

Love, Light & Peas: I just love the name of this shop, you can tell immediately that it's the brainchild of somebody with a great quirky sense of humour! Proprietor Lottie is the current VIP on the Coriandr Express, and her green credentials are quite impressive to say the least...
Her paper goods are made from upcycled paper; as she says, 'It's better than ordinary recycled paper because it's not processed between lives; I take it straight from its waste incarnation and transform it into something useful. It's interesting and beautiful because you can see what it used to be.'
Her stitched items are sewn on a hand-powered antique sewing machine.
Her house is powered by renewable energy.
And all of her packaging is reused or recycled!

If you want to find out more about Lottie and her eco-friendly crafting adventures you can follow her on twitter or read her blog!

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