Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Avast me hearties!

When the weather is this hot my thoughts turn to the beach...but wait, what's that I see on the horizon? Could it be Cap'n Skulduggery Dug and her dastardly crew? Racing ashore with a booty of handmade treasures...
Seriously, you need to check out the Cap'n's wares(!).. from an eyepatch to felted dreadlocks and even a swag bag, no self-respecting pirate would leave home without some of this kit! And I especially love the Toddlers Skullcap. 
As an added bonus, Pirate Pixie Crew are offering a 10% discount for the whole of June! All together now, "yo ho ho & a bottle of rum"...

The fiendish mind behind it all has this to say... "I'm Lynne and I am the creator of the Pirate Pixie Crew. All the goods for sale in my shop are lovingly handmade by me, and every hat sold comes with a membership card to the Pirate Pixie Crew. You can read all about the crew at http://skulduggerydug.com. All ages are welcome to join the crew and when you do you can join in with the adventures!"
Lynne is also responsible for Autonomous Artisans, a journal that ignores mass made goods in favour of the lovingly handcrafted products made by the independent artisans of the world.

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