Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Coriandr Express

Yup, me too, I am indeed aboard that glorious crafty locomotive with a gaggle of creative buddies! Our mission is to promote each other, coriandr, and handmade gorgeousness in general! First stop Dig The Earth, next stop global domination.....

I have to say, I love Dig The Earth. After all I am married to Kev, the chap behind it all! And I can vouch for the fact that his cards are just as fabulously colourful as they appear in the photos.
 His green credentials also extend way beyond the items he makes for his shop. As a household we recycle everything we can, we even have a wormery converting all our kitchen waste into potent compost for the garden (sad excuse for a pet I know). And check out his blog if you want to follow progress on The Shed!
If you're not already a convert, pop over to coriandr - there are lots of wonderful handmade things on there, not just from the riders on the Coriandr Express!


  1. Thank you for your article honey-pie, much appreciated! :D

  2. Aaww! (re: comment above!)
    The shed plans are making me very curious. I've often wondered about the potential of sheds as crafting rooms...mmm! Lovely blog, by the way!

  3. love digs cards! thanks for the tip on coriandr, just popping over there now for a look to see how it compares with folksy :) tracy (fatcat felt)